Welcome to the E-COMMERCE OPEN.

01. July 2016 from 11:30 am
Golfanlage OPEN.9 in Eichenried near Munich

This is an event where thought leaders and decision makers from e-commerce meet to exchange, and to develop new ideas. We know that this is best done by ditching the suit, moving away from the conference rooms, and leaving our perfectly elaborate sales pitches at home. We have proven the effectiveness of this tactic in the past years, as you can see from the Pictures of our past E-COMMERCE OPENS.

In the following pages we have put together all the necessary information you will need for this event. And if you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

Janine and the commercetools Team



RELAXATION will be the main focus of the day. Therefore, our schedule should be seen as a rough guide, rather than strict planning. The only exception is for our golf tournament participants, who are required to stick to the planned tournament flight times.

Program Time
Transportation (between OPEN.9, Ismaning tram station, and Terminal 1C – Airport Munich) 10:30 - 14:00
Registration From 11:30
Tournament including Beat the Pro and Nearest to the Pin 13:30 - 18:00
Intensive Training 13:00 - 15:00
Beginners Training 15:00 - 17:00
Minigolf 17:00 - 18:00
Putt-Tournament 18:00 - 19:00
Lakeshot including a chance to win raffle tickets 18:00 - 19:30
BBQ 19:00 - 22:00
Award ceremony and raffle 21:00 - 22:00
Transfer OPEN.9 to Munich Airport and Main Train Station From 22:00

You may participate in any program activities spontaneously. The meeting point for all activities will always be on the terrace.
This year, music will be presented again by DJ da Vinci, who will keep the music going until the end. Special music requests are welcomed and will be played from 10:00 PM onwards. Please submit requests in advance by writing an email to Leonardo to ensure that the song will be available.


We started the E-COMMERCE OPEN a few years ago to network in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoy the sunny weather, play a little golf, indulge in the side activities, and eat good food.

Through our company's success and our economic position, we are better off than most others.
We know that health, success and boundless joy is not a given to every human being. Therefore, we wanted to give something back. This year we will continue to donate the proceeds of our event to the Kinderhaus Atemreich. The children that we want to support need help for each breath they take - their lives depend on their equipment.

The Kinderhaus AtemReich has made it their mission to support children to have a chance for a more normal life. Their mission is to promote and give children the happy moments we all deserve and pursue the joy of living.

You can support our fundraising efforts by:

  • a cash donation at the event (includes a donation receipt)
  • buying raffle tickets at the event (no donation receipt)
  • not using the discount voucher code fort the tickets, on bill (no donation receipt)
  • donating directly to Kinderhaus AtemReich until June 30th 2016 (includes a donation receipt)
    Kinderhaus AtemReich
    Stadtsparkasse München, BLZ 70150000  - Konto 75234
    IBAN: DE60 7015 0000 0000 0752 34 BIC: SSKMDEMM
    Please include "E-COMMERCE OPEN 2016” to the donation payment as a note as well as the address for the donation receipt
All donation receipts will be sent directly to the donor after the event.


The OPEN.9 Golf Course, which is adjacent to the Munich Eichenwried golf course, and was designed by the golf course architect Thomas Himmel. He is known for having planned and implemented several well-known international golf courses, such as the famous golf course, Son Gual, in Mallorca.

OPEN.9 offers good conditions for beginners and children, and also provides amenities for pure fun, including two lakes, many bunkers, professionally designed greens and rolling nature, all spread over 24 hectares. The course consists of four par 3 and five par 4 holes, and is designed to be easily finished in a relatively short time.


The E-COMMERCE OPEN shuttle will run in the morning between the Golf Court, Ismaning tram station, and Munich Airport Terminal 1C.

From 2:00 PM until the end of the event, our shuttle service is available on demand and we will also provide a direct shuttle to Ostbahnhof from 6:00 PM.

Shuttle times:

10:30 AM and 12:30 PM - Tram station Ismaning -> OPEN.9
11:30 AM and 13:30 PM - Airport Terminal 1C -> OPEN.9

From 2:00 PM onwards, the shuttle is available on demand by contacting ecommerceopen@commercetools.com, 0049 173 615 5611, or with Janine directly on site on the day of the event.


We recommend the following hotels with quick connections to the event to make your journey as pleasant as possible.

from 99,00 € per night
from 69,00 € per night
from 59,00 € per night


Who will be attending?

All participants are decision makers or influencers from the e-commerce industry, including agencies, technology vendors, customers, investors, journalists and bloggers.

When is the registration deadline?

Online Registration is only open until Sunday, June 26th 2016, so that we have enough time to print name badges for all participants. After June 26th, registration is only possible via Janine.

When will I have to arrive by?

Arrival to the event is possible throughout the whole day. If the reception is closed, attendees will receive their name badges directly from Janine.

Will I need cash during the event?

All base costs are taken care of. However, breakfast / brunch or rental equipment will cost extra on the spot if it was not booked during the registration process. Additionally, we welcome donations and will be selling raffle tickets during the event. There will be no ATM at OPEN.9.

What if my handicap has changed since my registration

No problem! Please send us an e-mail before midnight on Sunday, June 26th 2016.

Will the outcome of this tournament affect my handicap?

No. On this day, we will be playing purely for the fun.

Is an participation list available?

A list of participants with their respective company name, title and position will be available at the reception for reference. The list will only be sent to the sponsors after the event. Address, email and telephone data will not be included.

What happens if the E-COMMERCE OPEN is canceled, due to weather conditions?

In this case, we will inform all registered participants as early as possible by email. Unfortunately, rescheduling the event is not possible. We have decided to not refund the amount for tickets, the party and the rental equipment, instead, we will be forwarding all payments directly to Kinderhaus AtemReich as a donation.

Golf? I don´t like it....

Heads up – you are not alone! Many of our participants are not into golf. That is the reason why we have set up different side activities. You can sun bathe, dance, or try out the golf training. (Equipment for the training will be provided.)